Mantras for Soulful Meditation

Mantras emanated from the Sanskrit language and literally translate to mean “instrument of thought.” Mantras represent the collection of a sound or sounds, a word or a combination of words, which has been used for by yogis, prayers, and intentions for hundreds of years. These mantras are repeated during one’s meditation practice. The repetitive process not only quiets the mind, but it can help formulate an intended outcome of your meditation. This can be extremely helpful if you intend to meditate on a particularly challenging decision.

Initially, most mantras were provided by masters and gurus to their budding disciples or yogi apprentices. Mantras are used specifically in Transcendental Meditation; a form of meditation that has been popular in the West since the 1960s. 


“Om” is the most widely recognized and used mantra, and it is a central part of Hindu and Buddhist meditation traditions.

My mantra is simple … Relax. Repeating the word “relax” in my head eventually takes over and I found that I’ve blocked out all the noise in no time at all. 





Enjoy this wonderful 22 minute meditation set in the beautiful National Redwood Forest in CA. Music, natural sounds combine with breathtaking scenery. This is a particular favorite of my meditation group at work and the feline Zen master, Jobim.

Source Citation: Wikipedia (Mantras), Transcendental Meditation website, and Jody Whitely’s You Tube Channel (Meditation Video)



Location … Location … Location!

Like many things in life, being in the right spot at the right time can make all the difference. Meditating in the right spot in your home, garden or workplace deserves your attention and requires a bit of planning. You might consider meditating at different directions in your chosen venue. Always start in the East, and follow around the compass to determine the best of the four directions.

Be in the present moment. Not two minutes ago; not two minutes from now. One of the first, and main, tenets of a successful meditation practice asks that you just stop. Shut down the noise in your head by going within to seek that perfect peace. During early attempts at meditation I found myself repeating the word “relax” in my head. Mantras work wonderfully well, but more about those later.

Be comfortable and find a spot where you can spread out, or sit in easy pose, in order to obtain perfect peace. Setting up your meditation area can include candles, crystals (labradorite tends to calm a restless soul), a meditation pillow, or yoga mat. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. I found a comfortable, beautifully sari-like covered pillow at a well-known discount store in the clearance section for $17.00. One of my cats loves it as well. Jobim curls up in the very center of the pillow looking quite Zen in the process. Our calming energies seem to play off of one another.

The time of day is very important for some people. The morning is excellent for clearing out the dreams or cobwebs of the previous evening and starting the new day fresh and clear. My preference is to meditate in the evening. I feel like I get to wash away all that negativity my body has absorbed throughout the day. Alternatively, my evening meditation allows me to gather in the more positive aspects of my day, allowing me to be so very grateful for this journey.

My next blog covers mantras. I’ll include a wonderful meditation video, too!

Blessings and Namaste, Christie


In the beginning …

there were stressed, unhealthy individuals looking for an alternative way to deal with the daily grind of work schedule delays, myriad meetings, family obligations, interpersonal relationships, school, events (for fun and non-fun)– you know, LIFE. This blog shall attempt to de-mystify the path to learning meditation. Mindful meditation is not as difficult as it seems. Quiet, blissful reflection can be had fairly simply and quickly just by following some basic steps. It is also my intention to provide links to wonderful, free meditations that may be accessed online. I’ll even throw in some excellent statistics on the wonderful ways meditation can enrich your life. Please join me on the journey to quieting the mind.


Jobim, the feline Zen master, enjoying my meditation pillow.